We can help you build a Unified Enrollment system in your city.

The Institute for Innovation in Public School Choice (IIPSC) has experts with decades of market design experience as well as school and district administrative experience. We do our work without any political agenda in close partnership with local stakeholders. In everything we do and in every decision we help our clients to make, we follow the guiding principles of efficiency, equity, and transparency. We can help you build a healthy enrollment and school choice system in your city.

As a result of our work:

  • Families have a much more user-friendly and choice system.
  • More students attend the schools they prefer.
  • School resources are used more efficiently.
  • Schools gain greater stability in enrollment operations.
  • School systems collect and utilize accurate data on the demand for schools.

With more than a decade of experience working together, our practical knowledge in developing fair, transparent, and efficient school choice systems is unparalleled. We’ve helped administrators in cities throughout the US including: New York City, Denver, New Orleans, Newark, Washington DC, Camden, and others to create enrollment and school choice systems that are:

  • User friendly and easy to understand.
  • Fair and equitable for all participants.
  • Transparent in both process and results.
  • Efficient for both schools and students.
  • Reliable in generating data on the demand for schools.

The landscape of school options in a city is constantly changing. No matter what types of schools are in your city, IIPSC can support you in creating successful enrollment and school choice systems. This is our mission and our passion.

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Recent News

IIPSC recently worked with the support of New Schools for Chicago and Chicago Public Schools to conduct 10 parent focus groups in Chicago, and wrote this report summarizing the findings.

Interesting new report from Marcus Winters of Manhattan Institute on how Unified Enrollment impacts enrollment at charter schools in Denver.

Data from Denver’s UE system offers a detailed and highly useful illustration of demand (the way families are choosing) for middle schools.

Reports suggest that OneApp (the New Orleans Unified Enrollment system designed with support from IISPC) has helped to bring transparency to enrollment. An editorial supports this view.

Al Roth has a book coming out! He writes very wisely about many things, including his work on school choice. Here is the website for his new book.

Denver is reporting gains in both participation rate and matching efficiency in initial 2015 results from its UE process.