[fivecol_three]The IIPSC team has been working together for more than 10 years to bring important reforms to enrollment and school choice systems for the benefit of all participants – families, schools, and administrators. We understand the challenges around enrollment and choice and can provide tested solutions to overcome them.

We have experience and expertise in all aspects of enrollment and choice system design including:

  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Policy development.
  • Market design.
  • Operations design and management.
  • Assignment algorithm technology
  • Communications and marketing.
  • Assessment and evaluation.

IIPSC uses efficiency, equity, and transparency as guiding principles in our projects. We support our clients in making decisions using those same guiding principles.

School districts and their partners typically use IIPSC for the following services:

1. Current-State Assessment
IIPSC analyzes enrollment and choice systems in cities and offers insights as to where systems are functioning optimally and where there are problems. We use quantitative and qualitative data to measure an enrollment system against best practices and through the lens of efficiency equity, and transparency. We offer options and recommendations for reform.

2. Design and Implementation
IIPSC works with school district administrators and their partners to design a transparent, equitable, and efficient choice system that provides the best results possible for students and schools. We lead the stakeholder engagement effort, we lead the market design process, we support in communications and marketing, and we support in design of evaluation systems. IIPSC principals always seek to empower administrators in cities so that they develop the necessary skills to manage the system without long-term reliance on an outside vendor.

3. Technology
IIPSC creates assignment algorithm software products for administrators to use in assigning students to schools. We support district information technology departments in bringing the software on board and maintaining it. Our software products are extremely easy to use and can process hundreds of thousands of student applications in minutes. We also have expertise in designing the online interfaces used by parents, guidance counselors, school leaders, and district administrators.

Contact our Executive Director Neil Dorosin for more details on our services and to discuss your needs. [/fivecol_three]


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